The Cheat (Fable 55)

~Aesop, 1480~

Aesop relating his fables. NYPL Digital Collections.

A poor man, being very ill and getting worse, promised the gods to sacrifice to them one hundred oxen if they saved him from death.
The gods, wishing to put him to the test, restored him to health very quickly. Soon he was up and out of bed.
But, as he didn’t really have any oxen, he modeled one hundred of them out of tallow and burned them on an altar, saying:
‘Receive my votive offering, oh gods!’
But the gods, wanting to trick him in their turn, sent him a dream saying that if he would go to the seashore it would result in one
thousand Athenian drachmas for him. Unable to contain his joy, he ran to the beach, where he came across some pirates who took
him away and sold him into slavery. And they did indeed obtain one thousand Athenian drachmas for him.


This fable is well applied to a liar.

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