The White Dove, A Fairytale

by Ethan Allen Hitchcock, 1863

1890s portrait by Hablot Knight Browne


A young girl was once riding in a coach with her master and mistress through a large wood ; and when they came to the middle of it, a band of robbers rushed out of a thicket, and killed all whom they found. Thus all were killed except the maid, who had jumped in terror out of the coach and hidden herself behind a tree.

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January Enigma


Answer this enigma in the comments below by identifying the subjects referred to in italics. The first letter of each answer, when read together, spell out “January.” The first to answer correctly will be rewarded.

The God whom Artists always grace,
By giving him a double face;
The food divine, that’s eat on high,
By all the inmates of the sky;
Also the Liquor drank above,
Which Hebe hands, to mighty Jove;
He, who for fair Calypso’s smile,
Forgot his wife, and native isle;
Now Thetis’ son, who chose the strife,
Of warlike fame, instead of life;
That island, where we’re always told,
The brass Colossus stood of old;
The time, no efforts can regain,
Tho’ oft we spend its hours in vain.
Take the first letters and they’ll tell
A month, when firing pleases well.

Good luck.