Featured Book: Chirologia

Chirologia, or The Naturall Language of the Hand

by John Bulwer



Held in Gallaudet¬†University Library’s Deaf Collections and Archives, this tome contains the fruit of Dr. John Bulwer’s studies of human gesture. Chirologia, or The Naturall Language of the Hand, is the precursor to sign language and Continue reading

Martian Seance Writing

From India to the Planet Mars: A Study of a Case of Somnambulism with Glossolalia by TH Flournoy, 1900

Text No. 16; seance of August 22, 1897. – First Martian text written by Mlle. Smith (according to a visual hallucination). Natural size. [Collection of M. Lemaitre.] – Herewith its French notation. astane esenale pouze mene simand ini. mira.